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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Nepal Skating and Skateboarding Association  (NSSA) strives to build the best Skating and Skateboarding platform for the success of youth in Nepal. Our strength and courage has been well acclaimed in many war events in the past and even now. Therefore, we are confident that our youth have the ability and drive to this exciting sport. We encourage everyone who enjoy Skating and Skateboarding for sportsmanship, skill & enjoyment it can provide. The new association comprises of 15-members including President Achut Khanal, engaged in various other social activities.

2. What is our mission?
Enable international volunteers to make a significant contribution to the ongoing development of Skating and Skateboarding in Nepal. Develop the strength and capacity of Nepali youth to work towards their own development through Skating and Skateboarding

3. Can I contribute as a volunteer for NSSA?
We are range of placements in both developed urban and traditional rural area around Nepal for proper development of Skating and Skateboarding sports. If you are interested to help or volunteer for Nepal Skating and Skateboarding (NSSA) as  technical or clinical support such as develop a Skateparks in 7 different region of Nepal, to teach school children how to play Skating and Skateboarding and to formulate initial technique of Skating and Skateboarding sports. Please contact us directly by our email or call on our phone at given contact details.