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Skatepark constructed by District Association

Nepal Skating and Skateboarding Association Udaypur district Skating and Skateboarding Association” has been created the new project has going to lunch in the city of Udaypur Gaiguat. A skatepark was built to make the kids in Udaypur strong through pedagogically accompanied skateboarding workshops. Among other things, they learn to stand up again and again after […]

We are seeking a Sports Marketing Intern

We are seeking a Sports Marketing Intern The ideal candidate will be a college student seeking to fulfill credit requirements or in need of a project for class completion. Sports Marketing Intern – Job Description and Responsibilities Work alongside the secretariat to create marketing strategies that promote the Skating and Skateboarding disciplines Coordinate directly with […]

Association General Assemblies and Elections

Nepal Skating and Skateboarding Association (Nepal Skate) 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th and 5th General Assembly and Election Established with the slogan “for, adventure sports and culture”, the fifth general assembly of the Nepal Skate- Nepal was held on June 29 2016. The general assembly and the election was conducted in the presence of Member Secretary […]

Registration Opened For 2024 Namwon Korea Open

We are delighted to inform you that the Nepal Skating and Skateboarding Association (NSSA) is set to send a team to the 2024 Namwon Korea Open, scheduled to take place from April 18th to April 24th, 2024 in Korea. Eligibility criteria for participation include any skater who has previously participated in Inline at NSSA National […]

Building Skate Parks In The Developing World Is Thirsty Work

Building skate parks in developing countries is thirsty business. Which is how Ben Hermans and his friends found themselves lying face down on a road in Ramallah, Palestine, at 4 am with loaded machine guns pointed at their heads and soldiers rifling through their belongings. Moments earlier the 25-year-old Melbournian and his fellow builder-skaters had […]

पूरा भयो स्केटपार्क

वैशाख १९, २०७४- पोखरा रंगशालामा अन्तर्राष्ट्रियस्तरको स्केटपार्कको निर्माण कार्य पूरा भएको छ । विदेशी स्वयंसेवकसम्मिलित संस्था ‘मेक लाइफ स्केट लाइफ’ को आर्थिक सहयोग र श्रमदानमा अन्नपूर्ण स्केटपार्क तयार भएको हो । संस्थाका निर्देशक जोन चाकोनासले शनिबार स्केटपार्क पश्चिमाञ्चल क्षेत्रीय खेलकुद विकास समितिलाई हस्तान्तरण गरेका छन् । २२ हजार अमेरिकी डलर लगानीमा निर्मित स्केटपार्कमा २० देशका […]

ट्रेनिङ सेन्टर बनाउँदै विदेशी

पोखराः विदेशको कुनै निर्माण कम्पनीमा त्यहीँका नागरिकले काम गरिरहेको झल्को दिनेगरी यतिबेला पोखरा रंगशालामा विदेशीहरू स्केटिङको अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय ट्रेनिङ सेन्टर निर्माणमा जुटिरहेका छन् । नेपालमै पहिलोपटक बन्न लागेको अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय स्तरको स्केटिङ ट्रेनिङ सेन्टर निर्माणका लागि १६ देशका ३५ जना पर्यटक पोखरा रंगशालामा व्यस्त हुन् । विदेशी नागरिकले टे«निङ सेन्टर निर्माणका लागि आआफ्नो सीप लगाइरहेका छन् । […]

अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय स्तरको स्केट पार्क बन्दै

पोखरा- पोखरा रंगशालामा स्केट पार्क (स्केटिङ खेलस्थल) निर्माण कार्य सुरु गरिएको छ। अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय स्केटिङ संघको आह्वान र क्षेत्रीय खेलकुद विकास समितिको सहकार्यमा पार्कलाई अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय स्तरको बनाउन लागिएको हो।  रंगशालाको ८ सय वर्गमिटर क्षेत्रफलमा पार्क निर्माण हुने भने पनि अहिले ५ सय वर्गमिटरमा हुन लागेको क्षेत्रीय खेलकुद विकास समितिका अध्यक्ष खगराज पौडेलले जानकारी दिए। बाँकी ३ […]