Considering the history- it is probably the very first skate shop in Nepal founded by Nepal-born Marius Arniko Arter. Arniko who spent much of his childhood in Nepal returned from Switzerland after completeing his carpentry apprenticeship. Due to the lack of decent skate shops in Nepal he founded Arniko Skateboards in 2007 and later opened the first store in Thamel, Kathmandu in 2009. Kudos to the whole team for being very ethical, giving employment opportunities to Nepalis as well as doing something innovative- since it is not doubt that to say that number of young players belonging to different informal clubs were really suffered from guardianship of single umbrella and was fulfilled through the official establishment of the association and working with in close coordination of National Sport Council. The association has runs its activities with scientific allocation of responsibility to the different members and all the players are confined in the association for bright future of the game in the country.
Nepal Skating and Skateboarding Association (NSSA) strives to build the best Skateboarding platform for fulfilling the interest of the youth in Nepal. The association (2015) register in National Sports Council under Ministry Youth and sports, as well as affiliated with the Nepal Olympic Committee, international Skateboarding Federation, World Skateboarding Federation and International Roller Sports Federation.  Our strength and courage has been well acclaimed in many war events in the past and even now. Therefore, we are confident that our youth have the ability and drive to this exciting sport. We encourage everyone who enjoys Skates for sportsmanship, skill & enjoyment it can provide. The association has already organized the first formal general assembly and national election for the new elected team. The new elected team having 13-member is leaded by President Achut Khanal and have engaged various other social activists. Enable international volunteers to make a significant contribution to the ongoing development of Skating and Skateboarding sports in Nepal. Develop the strength and capacity of Nepali youth to work towards their own development through Skating sports.

However the objective of the association, we are suffered from a pretty things like; lack of single public skate park, no any tooter/coach for the players to promote their skill/ability and opportunity for the exposer to the skateboarders. As per our regular negotiation with the GoN, the sport council is now ready to provide the required land in the premises of international sport area. However, we here, this proposal is prepared and submitted with a very positive expectation and would like to request to provide the adequate budget for designing and developing the park in all seven federal state of Nepal. We, really will be guided and follow the ways that it will make sure to process the grant.